Motorhomes 2 Buy offer a national service despite our team actually being in the south of England. This often comes to a surprise to some, but convenience for our customers is a priority. Our specialists travel throughout the United Kingdom every week sourcing and inspecting private motorhomes for sale. Just this week, Mark ventured up to North Yorkshire to visit several new potential clients, returning home with three new fantastic vehicles and three more satisfied customers.

Motorhome Broker in Yorkshire

Our service is relatively unique and very few understand quite how we can deliver such exceptional results on a consistent basis. This is why we have broken down some of the steps undertaken during brokerage service both to cater for the client and potential buyers. When an individual inquires about selling their motorhome with us, we proceed by:

  1. Scheduling an introductory phone call to discuss their vehicle and specifications.
  2. Visit the site, review the vehicle and take a portfolio of photographs.
  3. Send the portfolio to our list of buyers looking for a new motorhome.
  4. Upload your vehicle as a premium listing to more than ten leading websites.
  5. Submit your vehicle in our magazine listings.
  6. Discuss and negotiate with potentials and schedule viewings.
  7. Complete the sale of your vehicle and deliver funds before the driver leaves the driveway.

Our relatively straightforward process removes all the stress from the situation and we are able to capture a wider audience by:

  1. Offering financing of up to ten years.
  2. Offering part exchanges on their vehicles.
  3. Offering extended warranty on the vehicle appliances.

Selling your motorhome in Yorkshire couldn’t be any simpler, especially since we offer a No Sale, No Fee guarantee.

Buy Motorhomes in Yorkshire

Potential buyers and interested parties, we highly recommend you take a look at our recent listings in Yorkshire that offer fantastic value for money whilst ensuring the consistent standards set by Motorhomes 2 Buy. Not what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we are always introducing new vehicles to our listings.

We also offer a trade sourcing service, helping you find the right vehicle for you.